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With offices in Manly, Bondi Junction, Paramatta and Newcastle NSW, the team at Walker Law Group can meet you face to face at your preferred location to discuss the circumstances of your injury. We can also start your case remotely and work with you from the comfort of your own home.

Free Legal Advice for Injured Workers

At Walker Law Group, we have a team of lawyers who are able to provide advice, assistance and representation to eligible injured workers at no cost.  Funding in these matters is granted by the Independant Review Office (IRO), which is an independent statutory office backed by the NSW government.  

IRO will cover all legal costs and expenses incurred in relation to investigating or challenging a dispute in the NSW workers compensation scheme. Funding is available to all eligible workers, regardless of the worker's financial circumstances or the outcome of the claim.

No Win No Fee Agreements

At Walker Law Group, we run personal injury compensation claims on a no win no fee basis.

We are committed to transparency and straightforward communication when it comes to our fee policy.

Here's how it works: under the terms of a no win no fee agreement, we agree to charge fees at the end of the case, depending on the outcome. If your case is unsuccessful, you won't need to pay Walker Law Group's fees for the work we have done on your case.

Your lawyer will explain the no win no fee agreement in detail during your first consultation and answer any questions that you might have so that you can feel fully informed when instructing Walker Law Group to act on your behalf.

Personal Injury Claims

No Win No Fee

Our no win no fee policy allows individuals to engage legal representation without the immediate burden of upfront legal costs. By shifting the financial burden from the client to the legal representative, Walker Law Group empower individuals, regardless of their economic status, to seek justice and pursue legal compensation remedies.


We have accumulated over $486m in compensation for our clients.


We have resolved over 3,500 insurance claims for our clients.

156 Years

Together, Walker Law Group has over 156 years of experience in personal injury law.

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Personalised Legal Services for Your Compensation Needs

At Walker Law Group, we practice exclusively in personal injury law, offering expert legal services to help you get the compensation you deserve.

As a leading personal injury law firm, we priorities excellence in practice. Our commitment to our client's combined with a history of proven results, solidifies our reputation as an expert compensation law firm.

Expert Guidance

At Walker Law Group, we practice exclusively inpersonal injury law with over 156 years of combined experience. Leverage our expertiseto assist you to claim the compensation you deserve.

Client-Centered Approach

At Walker Law Group, we pride ourselves on adopting a client centered approach, recognising the unique and often challenging circumstances our clients face after accidents or injuries. We actively listen to our clients and collaborate to develop legal strategies to ensure that the maximum amount of compensation can be achieved.

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At Walker Law Group, we practice exclusively in personal injury law. Contact us today to set up a time to discuss your unique circumstances.

Customer testimonials

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Walker Law Group. Their stories reflect our commitment to providing exceptional legal support.

"Dear Sharron, I just want to thank you and your team at Walker Law Group for looking after me from start to finish. All the hard work was done for me."


Public Liability Claim Settled $165,000

"Walker Law Group are an amazing team of professionals from start to finish. They keep you updated and informed every step of the way making you feel reassured."


Psychiatric Injury From Workplace Bullying Workers Compensation

"Hello there, I would like to extend immense gratitude and love to my Lawyer Sharron Vogel. I am more than happy with Sharron’s professionalism and support."


Workplace Bullying Compensation Case Won

"Sincerely thanking you for the most professional representation you provided with my case. It was a long process – thank you for your patience, your guidance and your dedication."


Motor Accident CTP Claim Settled $325,000

"Towards the conclusion of my case your support was enormous and you were able to make this process smooth and easy to understand."


Chronic Psychiatric Impairment Compensation

I appreciate everything that Sharron Vogel has done for me in relation to my workers compensation settlement. I can’t say anything bad about Sharron she has treated me with professionalism.


Bus Driver Workers Compensation Claim Settled $400,000

"Steve Walker and his staff have been a tremendous support for me in these very difficult times. There were times when I doubted if I had the strength to continue."


Psychological Injury Claim for Bullying and Mistreatment

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Walker Law Group are a proud Sponsor of Knox United FC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a threshold injury in CTP claims?

A threshold injury, or previously known as a minor injury, is an injury that the law finds does not meet the requirements for a lump sum payment. This can be challenged and overturned through the use of medical evidence and expert legal advice. Generally, there is a requirement for the injury to be more than a soft tissue injury or a diagnosable psychological condition that is not pain based.

Is a TPD claim a claim to access my superannuation?

No. TPD cover is an insurance entitlement, and any payout that you receive is separate from your superannuation. However, if you satisfy the definition of TPD you may also satisfy the conditions for early release of your super. If that were to apply, it would be entirely your choice as to whether you wish to withdraw funds from your superannuation account.

What do I do if I have been injured in a motor vehicle accident?

1. Get the registration number of the vehicle that caused the accident.*
2. Report the accident to the police if they did not attend the accident scene (make sure to obtain the event number of the accident from the police).
3. Seek medical attention and lodge a claim for personal injury benefits.

*SIRA can clarify the name of the ‘at fault’ vehicle’s CTP insurer if you know the registration number.

How long does an insurer have to make a decision in a workers compensation claim?

In NSW, a workers compensation insurer is usually required to make a decision on a claim within 21-days of it being lodged.

Are workers compensation claims no win no fee?

For the majority of statutory workers compensation claims in NSW, there is no fee to injured workers regardless of the outcome.

What are my workers compensation entitlements?

Once the insurer has accepted your worker’s compensation claim, you will be able to receive various benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. We can give you advice in relation to potential entitlements including weekly benefit payments for incapacity from employment, medical and treatment related expenses, rehabilitation expenses, lump-sum compensation payment for permanent impairment and domestic assistance. Other benefits including death benefit and funeral expenses.

What is permanent impairment compensation?

If an injured worker has sustained a serious injury which results in lasting symptoms (permanent impairment), there is an entitlement to a tax-free lump sum payment in addition to other compensation such as weekly benefits and medical expenses. This assessment is undertaken by a specialised assessor/s of impairment.

Is there a time limit for making a workers compensation claim?

Yes. In NSW, a claim should be made as soon as possible following an injury, within 6 months. If there is a failure to make a claim within 6 months, compensation can still be paid if the reason that a claim was not made was because of ignorance (you were unaware of your obligations and timeframes in that a claim needed to be made within 6 months), a common mistake or you were outside the State of NSW. If the claim is not made within 3 years of the date of injury, accident or death, then the claim cannot be made unless the injury resulted in the death or serious injury of an injured worker.

Can I get help from a workers compensation lawyer for free?

Yes. At Walker Law Group, we have a team of lawyers who are able to provide advice, assistance and representation to eligible injured workers at no cost. Funding in these matters is granted by the Independent Review Office (IRO), which is an independent statutory office backed by the NSW government.

I have received a section 78 notice, what should I do?

In NSW, the workers compensation insurer is required to provide you with a section 78 notice if they are declining your claim, or an aspect of your claim. If you have received a section 78 notice you should get in touch with one of our lawyers approved to provide free legal advice to injured workers. In our experience, having legal representation will make a significant difference in the outcome of your dispute. We can help you by building a strong case to challenge the decision.

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